Physiotherapy: The Recovery Process

Have you ever wondered what the steps to recovery are when you are trying to get your strength back after a sporting or muscular injury?

Physiotherapists deal with their patients frustrations everyday and it is their job to keep you motivated and encouraged to keep going. It can be pretty unnerving to struggle to even make the basic movements when you have been used to moving around so freely. This especially applies to younger people who are used to doing whatever they want. As a sports athlete, for example, you are probably used to your body performing its best.

physiotherapist doing a massage

When you go through an injury, pain is your body’s way of showing that you just cannot push past the limit any more. It shows that you need to give your body time to heal and recover and this has to be done slowly.

This does not mean, however, that you stop pushing yourself or stop exercising, rather just that it needs to be done gradually and over a period of time. As a physiotherapist, your job is to ensure that you realize the weakest and the strongest parts of the injured muscle and make the best use of your allocated time and exercise time to ensure that the weakest part of the injured muscle gets its required stretch.

Sporting injuries are common than you think and engaging specialists is vital when you’re trying to recover!

The process may be slow but it is certainly effective. It can only work when both the physio and the patient work together to achieve their common goal.